Microsoft To-Do App Question - I want only tasks when pressing the icon

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I have a Galaxy S10 phone that just did an update.  When that happened, I lost an icon I somehow created to access only the task list from the  To-Do app.  I can't remember how I did it.  It seems that there was an option somewhere to create an icon (shortcut) directly to the to-do list.  How can this be done?

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Hi @the_arizonan 


Hope I've not misunderstood your request, but you can try the following.


Open up the to do app, go to the list you want a direct link to and press the hamburger menu on the top right




Select Add shortcut to home screen



Then Ok




Icon should now show on your home screen





Hi @HidMov 


Thanks for the suggestion.  That is in fact what I recalled, but it's been many months since I've done it.  I've been successfully using the shortcut to a task list since then.  My phone (Galaxy S10) just went through an update and as soon as it was finished, the shortcut I had created through To-Do months ago, disappeared.  When I checked for the option to add a shortcut (under the hamburger icon), the option "add shortcut to home screen" was not there.  All of the others are there.   Do you have any other suggestions?  Thanks.