Microsoft To-Do and Samsung Reminder One-Way Sync Problem

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I've been using MS To-Do and Samsung Reminder on my S22 since the ability to sync between the two was introduced. It has worked fine, across my phone (both apps), Win10 laptop (MS To-Do) and my Galaxy Watch 4 (Samsung Reminder).

Recently, I lost the ability to sync tasks added in Reminder to MS To-Do. But, it works fine from MS To-Do to Reminder.

How does this happen?
Any ideas on how to fix this?


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Synching between ToDo between iphone and Windows Desktop has recently stopped working for me as well


Geez...  I wonder if this is the case for everyone...

@Larry_Davis    I logged out of the desktop and closed the browser.  Opened browser and logged back into desktop todo.  Now it’s working.   I realized the issue when my laptop and desktop weren’t synching.  And they were both trying to access same cloud account. 

I use To-Do on my desktop and Galaxy phone. I've logged out of both, logged back in, and the issue remains.

More specifically, the sync appears to be working somewhat, but not fully, as follows...
- Any new items posted in, or deleted from To-Do will sync to Reminder properly.
- Any item deleted in Reminder, that was previously posted in To-Do, will be deleted from To-Do as it should.
- Any items posted to Reminder will NOT post to To-Do.

I think there's an issue with the apps or their data. The sync seems to be partially working.

Checked today and this is still broken for me. Any new task added to Samsung Reminder never gets pushed to MS To-Do, but, if I delete a task from Reminder that is currently displayed in To-Do, the deletion works. So, this issue just affects *adding* new tasks in Reminder.

For me, this sucks as I often use voice commands with my Galaxy Watch 4 to add new reminders/to-dos. Unfortunately, they never get pushed to MS To-Do.

Hard to tell if this is a server-side issue, or an app issue.
If anyone on this forum uses MS To-Do and Samsung Reminder, can you weigh-in on whether or not this is working for you? Just add a new task to Reminder and see if it gets sync'ed to To-Do. It would be great to know if this issue extends beyond my devices.

@billyjk - I found this old post - Trying to Synch my Samsung reminders into my MS ToDo and not having any luck, as described in the post. Has this been broken for over a year?