M 365 Business Basic with M 365 Apps: Flagged email in Outlook do not flow through to To Do

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Hi, Just hoping to get some advice here because a To Do feature I'd love to have is not working.


My situation is that we're just starting to move from on-premises to Microsoft 365. I'm on the Microsoft 365 Business Basic plan with Microsoft 365 Apps and everything has recently been reinstalled on a new laptop so all up to date with Windows 10 updates and very latest Office (stable release). I've recently (a couple of days ago) been moved from on-premises exchange 2010 to Exchange Online, and all that seems to work fine.


When I flag an email using PC or web outlook it does NOT flow through to To Do. No matter how long I wait (its been a couple of days). Web or desktop view. I even tried incognito browser.


I am getting tasks from Planner. And I am getting tasks I manually create in Outlook tasks. But no flagged email, unfortunately.

Any advice will be appreciated.


Thanks all.

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