Issue: The "My Day" side pane in Outlook calendar web not showing assigned tasks added to My Day

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I want to use the neat drag-and-drop feature announced here for tasks assigned to me in Planner.

Steps to recreate:

  • In Planner, a task gets assigned to me



  •  In the To Do web app, I can see this task in "Assigned to Me", add it to "My Day"


  • In the To Do web app, the task is now in "My Day"
  • KaiyiC_3-1649203848258.png



Actual behavior:

  • The assigned task added to "My Day" in To Do web is not shown in the Outlook Web "To Do - My Day" side pane.



Expected behavior:

  • In the outlook calendar web app, I should be able to see this "assigned" task added to "My Day", in the side-pane which allows drag and drop.

Better yet, the "assigned to me" list could show up as one of the "To Do" dropdown options.


Because of this issue, I am not able to time-block for tasks assigned to me from Planner.


Same problem found here:


This is definitely a loose thread in the feature.


Any idea if this could be implemented? Or how to get this feedback through to Microsoft?

Thanks! @SheetalSethi @Ayan_Chakraborty @Akshay_Kumar

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Hi @KaiyiC ,

Thanks for sharing your feedback!

We have added it to our backlog and we hope to prioritize and resolve this soon.