Issue: The "My Day" side pane in Outlook calendar web not showing assigned tasks added to My Day

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I want to use the neat drag-and-drop feature announced here for tasks assigned to me in Planner.

Steps to recreate:

  • In Planner, a task gets assigned to me



  •  In the To Do web app, I can see this task in "Assigned to Me", add it to "My Day"


  • In the To Do web app, the task is now in "My Day"
  • KaiyiC_3-1649203848258.png



Actual behavior:

  • The assigned task added to "My Day" in To Do web is not shown in the Outlook Web "To Do - My Day" side pane.



Expected behavior:

  • In the outlook calendar web app, I should be able to see this "assigned" task added to "My Day", in the side-pane which allows drag and drop.

Better yet, the "assigned to me" list could show up as one of the "To Do" dropdown options.


Because of this issue, I am not able to time-block for tasks assigned to me from Planner.


Same problem found here:


This is definitely a loose thread in the feature.


Any idea if this could be implemented? Or how to get this feedback through to Microsoft?

Thanks! @SheetalSethi @Ayan_Chakraborty @Akshay_Kumar

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Hi @KaiyiC ,

Thanks for sharing your feedback!

We have added it to our backlog and we hope to prioritize and resolve this soon. 

@Ayan_Chakraborty The same issue still persists. Was it resolved somehow?

@Ayan_ChakrabortyI'm experiencing the same issue with not Planner but the To Do app. Tasks scheduled in various lists showed up in My Day in To Do, but are not available to drag and drop in the side tab on calendar.

Hi @Ayan_Chakraborty,
I'm having the same problem described by @KaiyiC.
Can you please provide a status update for this issue?
Thank you very much!
@Ayan_Chakraborty, I'm having the same issue. Is this there a way we can upvote this on the backlog?