Is there any way to see all my ToDo Tasks and Planner Tasks on the same screen?

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I know that ToDo and Planner were sort of integrated a while back but they are still separate.  In ToDo, I don't see anywhere that I can view all my active tasks at once.  If I go to Tasks, I only see ToDo Tasks.  if I go to Assigned to Me, I only see my Planner Tasks.  Is there really no way to see everything assigned to me, ToDo and Planner, at the same time?  Having to go between two different sections isn't much better than just having Planner in one browser tab and ToDo in another.

Am I just missing something?


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@Mike Boehm 1,000 times echo this sentiment - I (and I'm not alone in my company) would love a singular view of all my tasks in To Do, whether I've entered them within To Do as a personal/private item, or they've been assigned to me through Planner.  Iterations on this singular view would be a "Quick Add" button within To Do or Planner, where a user can quickly add a task, and, similar to ToDoIst, easily add/categorize the task with a plan/board, assign it to a team member, or - absent any action, it remains/appears as a personal, uncategorized task in To Do.   Otherwise, there's at least 4-6 clicks just to get to a place to add a task in the correct category/program - big drag on productivity - I'm more likely to grab a post-it at that point.  Happy to speak more into functionality / beta test if useful!