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Are there any plans to provide a facility to import to do lists from other apps (other than Wunderlist)? I currently use TickTick, and have too many lists to completely re-type into Microsoft To Do. I can export all my lists into a .csv file, so surely it wouldn't take a lot to map the fields over. There must be users of countless other to do apps that are also being prevented from migrating over to MS To Do for exactly the same reason.

If this is not something that is ever going to be provided, has anyone found a workaround?

Many thanks

Update: Not to worry - I did it the long way. Thanks anyway. 

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how did you end up doing it?

@whatmidoin I guess, from your question, that Microsoft has done nothing to improve the situation in the past year. Sadly, I had to open the two apps next to each other, and manually type in every entry. It took hours but it did give me an opportunity to weed out everything but the absolutely essential items. I'm still glad I made the switch to Ms To Do, and use it every day. Sorry I couldn't help more. 

My existing list was text based (MarkDown) and i discovered that if you past a list of things into To Do ON THE WEB it creates one task per item!! This is a huge help, but still have to go list by list.

No Export to go the other way though, that is a challenge.