How or where to see all Tasks from all Todo Lists even within Groups in one place?

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I am now using Microsoft Todo for some weeks now. It is generally very helpful. When i try to categorize my tasks in groups and different lists within groups then i cannot see any feature to show me all my tasks over all lists and groups in one place. Isn't such a feature avaibale? 

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@BOG_X  The "All" feature seems to be rolling out now (6/24/2020) in the US Commercial tenants.  My co-worker got the upgrade this morning.  My To-Do has not been upgraded, but it's just a matter of time.

Reply for complete Answer (25/09/2020):

In the MS To Do Interface:

1. Go to settings (gear symbol) > "To Do Settings" > Scroll down to "Smart lists"

2. Then enable "All"

In your To Do Lists view an "All" list will appear, with all tasks in it.

@PhilippeSpoden , that is not an answer to the question.


The question relates to multiple accounts. i cannot see tasks from multiple accounts using the smart list "all"