How can you add time to "due date"? Quickly add a task by its due date to calendar in Outlook?

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I'm confused:


1. When adding a task, a user can add date and time to "Remind Me" but can only add date and not time to "due date"?


2. Is there a button to press in To Do when inserting a task to quickly add the task by its due date to calendar in Outlook? 


Anyone know the answer here. Are these functions not yet in To Do?





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On number 2, you can open Outlook on the Web, open ToDo in the right side bar, then you can drag things from Today or Tasks right onto your calendar at a specific spot. There is not a button to do so automatically. (If you use Planner, you can add a Calendar into Outlook to automatically show tasks assigned to you in Planner with due dates- not what you were asking).