How can I stop the daily "What will you do today" message?

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How can I stop the daily "What will you do today" message?  Android app.

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Hi @kevinekelly - You can turn that off in the app.


  1. Go to the main app screen (Your name, My Day, Important, Planned, etc. will be listed)
  2. Tap on your name
  3. Tap on settings
  4. Scroll down and tap on "Plan your day reminders"
  5. Adjust the schedule or turn it completely off
I have tried multiple times to disable it under the Setting > Plan your day reminders > unselected turn on reminder But the next day is selected again.
Friend's of mine that also use Android 11 are having the same annoying issue. Please Microsoft make it stop.

I'm having the same issue as @Nando142 

Every **bleep** day the notifications turns itself back on again!

@WillyWompus @KellyDJones I am having the same problem.  It's infuriating.  I've turned off the "Plan your day reminders" repeatedly but it keeps turning itself back on.

I'm on To Do version 2.33.174

Android version 8.1.0, Kernel 3.18.79+, Build 011019


I only use the app to have a shared grocery list with my wife.




I do this every morning at 9:00 AM. Yet still I get the same notification at 9:00 AM the next day.

I've also been having this problem for a month or so on Android. I've sent a help message to support via the app but didn't get a response

Same problem for me. Thank you for starting this thread.

@Vaughan_Davies Do you have more than one account configured in To Do?  I have two and each has separate settings.


I've turned off the notification for both and I'll see what happens tomorrow. :)

Not that this will help anyone, but I turned off the notifications yesterday and I didn't receive them this morning. 


Here's my configuration:

  • Pixel 4a (5G)
  • Android version 11 (updated in December 2020)
  • Microsoft To Do mobile app version: 2.34.7810 Insiders build #7810 (aka To Do Beta)
  • Use with both a Microsoft personal account and a Microsoft 365 account.



Quick update - support replied to my message saying that they are working on a fix. So hopefully this will be address in a later version


They also suggested a workaround of turning it off via android app notification settings (for me I had to long press the To Do icon, go to App Info -> Notifications -> What will you do today? -> OFF). Will see if this works tomorrow morning.

@MuZhang Thanks so much for the workaround!  Now it shouldn't matter if they fix it or not.  It's not a notification I'll ever turn on anyway.  I sent an e-mail to todo Support, got an automated reply, and then 5 days later got a request for feedback about my Support experience.

@KellyDJones You're my hero. I don't know how, but I would give you some fake internet points for this.

Thanks, will test this
Android 11

@Pcat24 @MuZhang 

Thank you, thank you for the workaround (which in theory might just be the full-time answer). I'm so tired of seeing the "1" pop up onto my To-Do app badge that I was within a day or two of answering "what will I do today" with "delete this darned app."


@ReverendTed if you're only using it for grocery list, try the app Listonic. It's free of charge and you have the possibility to share it with someone else + make multiple lists. My girlfriend and I use it for the same reason like you and your wife.


On topic, to turn of the pesty reminder to plan my day (am I the only one finding it absurd I need a reminder to create reminders btw?) I did following:

1) Open the app itself

2) Tapped my name

3) Tapped Settings

4) Tapped "Plan your day reminders" - somewhere in the middle of the screen

5) Turned off the notification


I have the impression this should do the trick but let's see tomorrow.

Thanks for the heads up on Listonic, I'll check it out.
The setting you mentioned ought to work, but that'll depend on whether the ToDo team has patched the app. (They indicated they would, but that's been a while ago and I found another method for turning off the reminder in the meantime.) That was the problem back when this thread started: the setting didn't work.