How can I see tasks filtered by category?

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Great news that categories in Outlook are now mirrored in To Do (at least in the browser version for now

Now: is there a way I can see my tasks filtered by category in To Do?

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@rainmountain Excellent question! I do not think there is a way to do this. And this makes the categories pretty useless at this point.



I appreciate this is a few months old but I had the same question. The closest I have got to this is to do the following:

- Go the Outlook Desktop App

- Go the My Tasks tab

- Select To Do List

- Change the settings to group by category

(Home Ribbon --> Current View-->Simple List --> Right Click --> View Settings --> Group By --> Categories)



It's a work around - a bit clunky as I can't find this on the browser version of Outlook or To Do


Thank you @NadiyaK. That's a good workaround to see the tasks sorted by category in Outlook. As To Do is my Task-Manager Application across platforms I would still like to see this within To Do. 
Just found this: some information on how to add categories in To Do (and on how this will affect Tasks created from flagged Emails): 


I agree @uozdemir . The search bar seems to only search the name of the task or hashtags. Seems like a big miss if you are going to add the functionality to categorize tasks but then can't search or filter by task.