How Are You Using To Do for Shopping Lists?

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I am using To Do a whole lot in the last month as a family shopping list. We used to use different tools - Wunderlist, Trello and Google Keep, but with the beginning of the Corona crisis, the four of us (two adults, two teenagers) needed something that we could use in sync, to minimize shopping trips and limit the potential Covid-19 exposure. And since the looming shutdown of Wunderlist, we settled on Microsoft To Do. 


The main need - to synchronize across all our devices is met with Microsoft To Do, but some shortcomings are there as well: 

  • there are no "categories" for todo list items - no apparent way to group (or sort) the items in a way that they are found in the physical world (e.g. vegetables, canned stuff, frozen, etc.)
  • we use a "check before" list, before leaving the house to check on the fill stand of the items that should always be there (salt, oil, soap, etc) and add items to the "main" shopping list as necessary
  • there is a possibility to add "sub-tasks" (like for specific shops), but there is no way to drag out sub-tasks in and out of those lists, and if you complete those sub-tasks they are not sorted down like in the main list, and it can become quite crowded in there fast. 

So we are using mainly one shared list and add items to it according to our meal plan (that we keep in Trello). 

I would be interested to know, how others are tracking their shopping lists, there are sure more ways to do it - I already saw someone who would preface every item on the list with a code (F for Frozen for Example), so that the list could be sorted alphabetically, but turned out to be categorized. 


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exact same question. I use MSFT todo, planner, outlook, etc and you would think there would be a post or tool for managing a shopping list, something everyone has to do!