Has anyone figured out the secondary sort criteria in a date-sorted list?

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My date-sorted list of bills consists of monthly recurring to-do’s, about 10 of which have the same due date.  I would like these 10 to always appear in a certain order, but I need to know what the secondary sort criteria is, so I can configure my to-do’s accordingly.  In Wunderlist, it was alphanumeric, but my 10 items do not sequence alphanumerically in To-Do.  I contacted Support and their answer was Reminder Time, but after experimenting with a test list of 3 to-do’s, they do not sort by Reminder time.  

If anyone has encountered this issue and has an answer, I’d love to hear it.

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Yes! We need the ability to sort by secondary, and tertiary, etc. criteria! Please let us sort by Date, then Priority, then Alphabetical, with a filter by Category.

@greeenacres The secondary sort on a date-sorted list is Creation Date. I wish Microsoft would change it to Alphanumeric!