Futility of Expecting Multi-account Capability

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This is directed to a knowledgeable MSFT rep:


To-Do is the only Microsoft 365 app to my knowledge that cannot sync to multiple accounts, e.g., personal and work. We've been told that multiple account integration is on the roadmap, but clearly it's not or it's an impossibly low priority. Many less important capabilities have been added, and still no ability to sync with multiple accounts like, for example, Word, OneNote, Excel, etc. etc.


At this point, is it fair to say that multiple account integration is not going to happen?


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@JosephNierenberg very strange... i have a 2 Office 365 accounts (one professionnal and one personnal) and i am able to configure both of them in To-Do for Android... bit indeed, i can not display tasks from both accounts in the same view and i have to switch account. Is it what you are requesting, be able to see all tasks from all accounts one the same view ?    

I'd be fine with having to toggle from one account to the other, but I cannot link two accounts under iOS. I haven't tried with other operating systems. Interesting that it works with Android....