Formatting scrambled between MS Office 2019 Tasks, To-Do and Android To-Do app

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All 3 platforms (Outlook 2019, and To-Do app) can read tasks created in either platform. HOWEVER: the formatting is completely scrambled up, making cross-usage practically useless. Anything from Headers and/or bulleted list, etc, that get randomly applied, through interpreting some characters to Special characters (and thus into lines, and other formatting). 

The most annoying of all is the handling of end of line character in the 3 platforms. Most often a text edited in one (that has multiple new lines/paragraphs) ends up being all jumbled together in the other platform. Very frustrating.

/Finally: why can't i adjust the window width for tasks in The window with the list tiles is wider than needed, but the window with the task text is tiny, and very difficult to navigate./

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@AmonRa, I cannot contribute much other than a "me too". This drives me crazy because I use some very basic formatting (line breaks, bullet points, bold/italics/underline and sometimes mono-spaced font for technical info) inside my Outlook (Desktop) tasks and everything looks really bad in To-Do in the app and in the web browser. Bullet point lists even lose their line breaks and are completely unreadable. I am afraid to edit formatted tasks in To-Do because I don't want everything messed up later in Outlook.


Update: Just out of curiosity I switched back from "test beta version" to the old/classic version in the desktop browser and suddenly the formatting looks right. I have not tried editing it yet, but despite the old To-Do looking ugly as hell, at least task formatting is correct.

We were excited to have a mobile Task app from Microsoft, but wow, To-Do is a nightmare for us.  Before we even installed the mobile version of To-Do, we (regretably and accidentally) enabled it on the web and now every task we have on the desktop (we have hundreds) has text in the notes section and every single one of them (and any new Task) had their text reformatted; font size, font color, line spacing, bullet point removal, etc...  What stinks is that we cannot prevent To-Do from synching or revoke its' permission.  MSFT forced a tool on us that made our productivity grind to a halt.  The online Tasks app is unusable on the web, but at least it left the text of Tasks alone!  @AmonRa 

Well, now there is no more web application and all formatting options are gone in the desktop version. Lots of people voted for implementing this - ideally in Markdown format - here:


But the "user voice" seems to be ignored by MS. :crying_face: