Flagged emails not in Web version of ToDo

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Hi Everyone,

I've been using To Do connected to Planner / Tasks and Flagged emails for about a year.

About 7 days ago To Do stopped showing me flagged emails in the Web version of the app

In outlook when I filter on Flagged emails I see 3 emails

When I click To Do and go to the web version

No items show up.


Looking at the To Do settings

- Connected apps / Planner = On

- Connected apps / Flagged email = On

- Help & Feedback / Sync = Synchronisation failed. If I click Sync I get the same message.


In the Android App for the same account I can see the flagged emails.


I'm trying to roll out use of To Do to 700 staff, but this issue is a deal breaker due to the workforce I'm rolling out to. Lots of staff use Flagged emails.


Does anyone have a suggestion ? 
Has To Do been more unstable the past few weeks ?


Many thanks



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So ,


On a hunch I started an Incognito window, logged in and "Hey Presto":lol:everything looks fine.

So now any suggestions on how to make my normal browser window shows the correct results ?

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Continuing the hunch,


I deleted cookies from Chrome that contained   todo   and   to-do   in the URL.

Restarted the browser

Saw the emails I expected in the flagged email list.

In outlook web, flagged a new email,

Within a minute or so, this new email appeared in the Flagged list in To Do


Hope this helps someone else.



@Dorje McKinnon - Any idea of how to do the opposite? :)

I'm using the option to flag emails as another To Do list, in my outlook.

Since starting using MS To Do, I have all my tasks (prior wunderlist, current To Do) - on my outlook as well.

Tried to right click and maybe unsync it, but I dont see any option.


HELP! :)


@RuthCamil Hello, Can you add more explanation to your question? Are you saying that you add tasks in To Do and you do not want to see those in Outlook tasks?



Shashank Gandhi

PM, Microsoft To Do

Hi @RuthCamil ,

Sorry I don't think you can turn it off.


As I understand it what was Outlook Tasks, is over the next little while being turned into ToDo tasks. I think you've noticed that your tennant has made the change.

What that has meant for me is that when I use outlook on the web, the tasks button takes me to my ToDo list of tasks rather than the Outlook Tasks view.

To put it another way Outlook Tasks have been replaced by ToDo tasks and there is tighter integration of the desktop/web Outlook clients into the ToDo view of things.


I always use the web version and recently my "Tasks" button changed to the ToDo icon and when clicked shows me my ToDo tasks.