Flagged Email: "Remind Me" Time Does Not Sync with Outlook "Reminder" Time

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If I flag an email in outlook, and add a due date and a reminder time, the due date shows up correctly in To Do but the Remind Me time does not appear or sync with the Reminder time set in outlook (the Remind Me time is blank in To Do).  As most of my task management is done with flagged emails, this renders To Do useless.  I do not believe this is a bug in my software, but a lack of syncing features by Microsoft that is such a huge oversight I cannot understand how this has not been fixed or addressed by other prior issues logs.  


For instance, if you flag an email with a due date of June 30 and also set a reminder time for 9am on June 30 in Outlook, To Do will show the flagged email as due on June 30 but it won't include a Remind Me time.  Therefore, if one is away from their PC and using To Do "notification pop ups" as a way to stay on task, you will NOT receive a reminder at 9am to start your task.  


If you create a stand alone task (not a flagged email) it will sync correctly; but again, 90% of my task management is done with flagged emails and therefore the lack of syncing between Outlook and To Do renders To Do useless as a task management tool.


I had a work around in the past (the TaskTask app on iOS) but the app is no longer allowed by our IT department.  


Please advise if anyone else has this issue or if there is a fix I am not seeing or understanding.  

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