Flagged email behaviour

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Hi all,


I wonder if you can help. I've been experimenting with To Do and the flagged email behaviour, because being quickly able to convert an email into a task would be super helpful for me.


I've turned on flagged emails and they do indeed pull through into To Do, and at that point I can change the title, set due dates and reminders etc.


What is bothering me is that back in Outlook, once I tick off the email (unflag it?) the task will be marked as complete in To Do, even if I've moved it out the 'flagged emails' list, e.g. I've moved the task to a project list.


Perhaps I'm the weird one, but to explain how I work - I flag everything in Outlook that I need to do something with, but some of them will be very quick replies that don't really need to be 'taskified.' In To Do, they are the sort of things I wouldn't bother assigning to a project / task bucket. However, the things that are more substantial actions I probably would assign to a project list - and to keep my follow-ups list a manageable size back in Outlook, I'd want to tick them off in there, but still keep the task incomplete in To do.


Am I explaining this in a way that makes sense (?!)


TLDR: In my head, if a task is moved out of the 'flagged email' list and assigned to another list within To Do, I think that should break the link between Outlook follow ups and To Do task so that ticking it off my list in Outlook doesn't mark it as complete in To Do.


Is there a way to do this / am I just sick and wrong in my work flow?



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