Feature Request: task living on multiple lists (or customizable smart lists)


The "My Day" list is a great concept, but I'd like to see a more general version. The way I currently work is I maintain multiple to-do lists for different areas of activities. And I'll add items from the different lists to "My Day". But I'd also like to be able to plan out "My Week", WITHOUT the items getting moved from their original home (just the way "My Day" works) It's fine if it doesn't "auto erase" the way My Day does.

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@Art_JBI want to underline that this would be a wanted feature!!

I agree, a customizable smart list or filter options on lists is defiantly needed.
a way to show all my tasks, flagged emails and tasks assigned to me in one list.


I would like also to have the way to add 1 task to different lists. So I can manage, for example, the task by project and by ressource.

Agree it would be very useful, as a task could sit in lists organised using different hierarchy (where I am, for which geo it applies, or nature of the activities, ...)
I would love this feature. Smart lists based off categories would ultimately be the most flexible. Categories are basically an old-school version of "tags". It seems that may projects are going down the road of tags that you can build lists from.

Lack of Smart lists/tags is one of the reasons I stopped using To Do and I'm lookng forward to it to return using it.
My use case: I want to label them according to project I'm working on / Person I need to talk with / context I need to be to be able to take action (eg. @home) to be able to quickly access meaningful subset of tasks