Feature request: Sync Outlook Categories with To-Do

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I would like to request that Microsoft To-Do have the capability to pull in the Outlook Categories as I use To-Do to imput my work tasks because of its easy interface and smart sense and would like to assign my Outlook Categories so they show in my Outlook work list.


As I use that worklist a lot and like how To-Do and outlook currently sync tasks




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Well, despite of the reply above , I don't see it neither in the IOS nor in the desktop app. In addition, I'd like to have the ability to filter for categories.

Ah you're right it's currently browser only. Agree with the ability to filter by category. @PEDAHoehr 

I would add that even if you apply categories in the To-Do web version, it is not synced to the Outlook web version. So if you add the task with a category in your To-Do web version then go to Outlook where you want to add the task to your calendar you have to again assign the category.
So pretty pointless to have shared categories in Outlook and To-Do when it is not even synced on the tasks between those two.