Feature Request: Smart lists that pull in tasks automatically based on string or #tags

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It would be great to have the ability to have lists pull in certain tasks automatically. For instance, I have a tag #InfoNeeded so I can search on-hold tasks easier. Would love to have a feature that can identify that tag and pull it into a specified list.

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I also would like to see a tagging feature, so that items can be searched based on a tag.
e.g. an "office" tag, so that I can pull all items that need to be completed while I'm in the office

It really amazes me how utterly useless Microsoft ToDo is to me without this feature. I have used Toodledo and Remember the milk and they both had this feature in the 2000s.

@plazman30 It's even impossible to sort the #tag list by due date. So assigning #tags is pretty pointless because when I click on a tag to get the list of tasks it's assigned to, they are presented in a disorganized, steaming pile.

Yet, surprisingly, this works in Planner tasks that are essentially MS Todo ported to a different MS service.


I have given up on Todo and moved over to Todoist. A night and day difference. MS Todo is a great example of a wasted opportunity.



This is one of the most important features to take To Do to the next level.