Feature Request: Auto-fill My Day

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I've seen other people request a "My Tomorrow" feature, but I'd like the app to just always plan ahead.


I use the "Tasks" list to just jot down any and all things I need to do as I randomly think about them throughout the day. Then, once a week, on my day off work, I go through the list and I set a Due Date for each task. When I first started using this app, I assumed that setting the due date would automatically transfer it into the "My Day" section on the relevant day, but it doesn't.


It should! I mean, if you think about it, if you always remembered to transfer the tasks every morning, you wouldn't need a reminder app in the first place.


The Desktop version is a bit better because you can add all the tasks due today at once (though you still need to remember to do it every morning) but this feature doesn't seem to have been updated on the Android version. Which is a bit confusing because I feel like most of us plan our days on our phones rather than our computers. (Please let me know if I've just missed this update).


There are so many phone apps that work the way I want, but I want to use the Microsoft apps to keep everything together.


Anyway. Just my two cents.

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While I LOVE this idea, you can actually now see your tasks in Outlook. Open Weekly Calendar View, then go to View>Daily Task List (Under the Layout Section of the View Tab)>Normal.

@MelanieJane I totally agree with you. Have you found a work around? I'm new to To Do and to Planner and find this really odd, that Microsoft To Do doesn't automatically list the tasks that are due that day. What's the point if I have to move everything manually when I've already set the due date as today?! Argh.