Feature request: Add the "copy task to..." feature to the app versions of To Do

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I don't unserstand why I can duplicate or "copy task to" and "move task to" in the web based version but can only "move task to" in both the Windows and Android app (and I'm betting the iOS/MacOS app also exhibit the same beahviour)


I have some tasks with subtasks that I use a lot and I simply duplicate them by copying the task to it's existing list, thus creatng a duplicate, but it's annoying to have to open the web based version to do this simple operation.  I'm not always at my PC when I want to do this and as the "move to" option is in the app, surely an oversight to not add "copy to" as well.

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Oh my.  Missing the copy task to feature is a significant oversight by Microsoft.  

As a workaround, while working in the desktop app, you can:

  • duplicate the Task list containing your tasks and subtasks
  • move the task(s) to the preferred location
  • then immediately delete the duplicate list to prevent confusion later on

Yes, it is not ideal, but it is an alternative solution until Microsoft fixes the issue.