Feature Request - add From _My Day Yesterday_ and _Previously in My Day_ to My Day Suggestions panel

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I commonly place far too many tasks in the "My Day", being optimistic about what I am going to get done on that day. Some emergency occurs and all of a sudden the day is over. When I come in the next day I've got to hunt out all the previous "My Day" tasks to build the list again (the tasks are still urgent and important). It would be great to have two additional categories in the "My Day" suggestions panel. 


1 - "From My Day Yesterday", for those items I didn't get to finish (or just to tick them off if I did get them done but didn't get to tick them off yet)

2 - "Previously in My Day" , for items that have featured once or more in My Day but have fallen back into the task list after a few days (or weeks) of work chaos.


@other forum members, please like or comment to add some weight to this request. This would make ToDo so much more useful for long term use in my opinion.




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