Enter Key No Longer Moves to Next Sub-Task

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Hi, I noticed that as of recently (I was out of town so could have been in the past few weeks) when I create a task and start entering sub-tasks, the enter key after typing a subtask closes the task. I preferred the previous behavior where the enter key would start the next sub-task. This is very helpful when I have a new project and can just enter a bunch of things that have to be done. If the behavior won't be changed back, is there another key that would do this? I tried tab but it didn't work.


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I also noticed that when I make a change to a subtask it also closes the task. So for instance I sometimes reorder subtasks by dragging them. Previously it would let me rearrange them as much as possible, or add new ones, etc.. Now it immediately closes the as soon as I drag one subtask.
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This all is back to the way it used to be now. Excellent, thanks!