Emailing Listing from Todo App does not reproduce all tasks in the email.

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I am using the Todo App on my windows machine and the app allows you to "Email List" as an option. However when using this option the outlook email opens but it does not reproduce all the items on my list. The email has 14 task items but in the todo app i have 44 tasks listed. 


Can someone kindly look into this issue. Much appreciate a response. 

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Me too. And the worst part of it is that is the only way to get the list in non-machine text to a .DOC or .XLS file (it you Print the list to a .PDF file, you get all the items, HOWEVER, you can't save it to a .DOC file (all characters turn into a Qmark). Emailing the list would allow one to select all and paste it to a .DOC file - if the whole list got emailed. SMH.





I just noticed this bug as well.  The print feature on Microsoft To Do only emailed me 15 items out of a larger list.  I need to be able to export my entire lists otherwise this application becomes useless to me.


And yes, why isn't there a feature to download our lists into Microsoft word?