Duplicating Link in Microsoft To Do

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Every time I paste a link into the notes section of Microsoft To-Do, and click off the task the links will duplicate a few times, this only started happening today but I was wondering if anyone else had the same problem? 


9.30 EDIT

If you didn't see the best response tech said they know that people are having issues and will fix that in the next update but I am not sure when that will be. The program I switched over to is TickTick, it works really well for school in my opinion. Here's an article as well for other program alternatives, I also uploaded pictures of ticktick :)

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I have had the same problem for a few days. But in my case not only links are duplicated but also new empty lines are added.
I have the same issue. Find it unusable now. Any solution?
sadly i haven’t, it was annoying me so i started using ticktick instead.



I am having the same issues, with lines of text being duplicated and extra lines of nothing added

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Tech support says it's a known issue that will be fixed in the next update, but could not tell me when. Super frustrating!

@b3nii I'm having the same problem, too. In my case also new empty lines are added.

@b3nii  Me too! This is driving me crazy... please anyone post back once we know what's going on and when it'll be's getting worse and worse, duplicating the links and adding so much space in between sections...

Same problem.
Same here

Same here

@b3nii   Same problem here. I'm on OS/X and iOS. It only started happening about a month ago but each time I get in and out of a note, it creates more repeats- it's cumulative.


More than inconvenient- it's absolutely unusable. My notes have gotten so big due to repetition that it now crashes TODO if I try to get into one of those notse.

@jens_paschitta    Same. Now unusable.

@b3niiSame.  Debating a switch of programs.  This app has become unusable.  Any recommendations?


I guess it depends on what you used Microsoft To-Do for. I used it for school but I switched over to TickTick, and the free version is more than enough for me, here's an article as well that has other programs

please Microsoft fix the extra Line Problem in Note Section of to do on syncing fast! :)

Same here on OSX and Android. There needs to be a solution. This makes the program unusable.
Same here. Was happening on both OS/X and iOS but an OS/X update fixed it on that platform last month. But problem persists on iOS and syncs back to OS/X copy so it’s not fixed until they resolve it on both platforms.

I also find that the URL’s repeat exponentially with frequent opening/closing of the note.

This bug is a showstopper. I can’t use it in this state and MSFT doesn’t seem to consider Apple platforms as high priority.