Duplicated spaces on Notes below each task

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Every time I add notes to a task, after I close it it adds an extra paragraph space to all existing paragraphs. I have opened and closed the same note now 3x and have lots of white spaces in between each line. It happens on my iphone and laptop (mac) apps
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I’ve come across this as well. It is more recent after the latest update on my iOS device. Something changed with the update that is doing this.
The same Problem it's pretty annoying. notes section I am using Mac too

I have the same problem on my ios device



I ran into the same problem on macOS, which was very annoying.

@Inesdesantiagosame problem here, I updated yesterday to macOS Catalina. I migrated all my tasks from Wunderlist because it was necessary with the merge, but it is not nice that now ToDo does not work properely on Mac... it is more or less unusable now. :( Would be nice to receive a notification if the problem is fixed.

I also have this problem - on 2 different macs and 2 different iphones. Every time I open a task, the notes have more and more spaces. I have tried copying the notes and making a new task but the same problem happens again and again. I agree, it is almost unusable at this point. I can't scroll forever to find what I need in the notes. No help here yet though...
I am having this spacing problem as well as duplicate http:// addresses every time I put them in the notes section. Ugh. I wish this app wasn't so buggy and Wunderlist would come back to me. Anyways - technical support said to report it here, and then they "might" fix it. I am BEGGING you to fix it. TIA!
Any news on this? You would expect a bit more and at least some answers from Microsoft.



I am having the same issue on my Macbook. It is very annoying since i use todo for managing my work load and it makes it difficult when i add notes to my tasks. 


I really hope they fix this soon. 

Same problem. Making using To Do very unusable ATM.


I am experiencing same issue. Super annoying. Microsoft needs to fix this. It worked before. Also using a mac with Catalina.

@PrincessDiva06 I'm also having the same problem with duplicate spaces AND with duplicate URL's.  As well, each time I make a change to a note, the spaces and URL's that were previously there are duplicated again! This is a terrible usability bug.


The problem is happening on my Mac and with the Android app (running on a Chromebook).

Same problem with duplicate spaces, as everyone here.
When is Microsoft going to respond to this?
Will this be rectified??? It’s awful!!!
Same problem. Makes the entire app useless. More than anything I'm writing this so Microsoft can see that this is **bleep**ed up. I sent a support email two weeks ago and never got anything other than an auto-reply.
I use this for work, and it's literally destroyed all of my records. I'm now using https://www.notion.so/

please Microsoft fix the extra Line Problem in Note Section of to do on syncing fast! :)

I have the same issue. Using To-Do, when I add or edit notes, it automatically inserts another line between each hard return. This happens on my iPhone and iMac. This is a problem that makes To-Do a worthless app. Too bad, because I rely on this otherwise good app.

I too stopped using ToDo now. I really miss Wunderlist, it was great... I posted a tweet, to see if something can be done about it soon... https://twitter.com/inesdesantiago/status/1313121093071364097