Difference between 'planned' and 'tasks'

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Hi - wondering if someone can explain the difference between the lists (in Microsoft To Do) titled 'planned' and 'tasks'. Why would I use one over the other? Can I delete one so I don't see it? It's becoming confusing : \


Thank you!!

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Hi @sarahbunney,


Planned and tasks lists are Smart Lists - they populate depending on the the configuration of your tasks.


If a task has a Due Date set (either in the past or in the future) it will appear in the planned Smart List

If a task is not assigned to a list, then it is put into the Tasks smart list automatically - like a catch all for tasks so they belong somewhere. If you have a task that is not assigned to a list and has a due date, it will show up in both lists.


You can hide the smart lists if they aren't useful to you in the settings.




So far as I am aware, you cannot high or remove the 'Tasks List' even if you have the Auto-hide empty smart lists option set.


Hope this helps,





That does help! Thanks Mark!


Thanks! Its still helpful in 2024