Deactivate reminders by default for Outlook Tasks via To Do

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Tasks I add to MS To Do show up as Tasks on my (desktop version) of Outlook 365 Home.  The Tasks all have a reminder set, so I'm always greeted with my entire list of To Do tasks.  This is annoying and not what I expect with a normal To Do item, which I added without any sort of reminder or due date.  


Is there a way to remove the reminder from Outlook Tasks synced with To Do items?  Since I can add reminders/due dates to To Dos, I'd expect Outlook Tasks to inherit those settings, set or not.


Thank you!


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I'm on mobile phone now, but what about Outlook/Task settings? You can set implicit remind time at new task - set on "no reminders".

Sorry not to use exact terminology.
Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately, it doesn't work: that setting is already decativated in my system.