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Recently I've had a bug both with the android app and website that is very, very annoying. I can't change the date of any recurring tasks. So, let's say I have a task to water my plants every two weeks. It used to be that if I didn't wind up watering them that day, on the next day I could highlight the task and change the date to "due today," complete the task, and it would update accordingly, showing as due two weeks in the future plus one day. Now when I try and highlight a task and change the date to today it shows as being due today for a split second and then immediately changes to its next recurring date, as if I had completed it, but I haven't. Marking the task as complete at this point puts it two recurring dates ahead instead of one.


So, just to try and clarify the chain of events. 


  • Recurring task for watering plants every two weeks was not completed yesterday, and is overdue. 
  • I add the task to my day and mark is as due today, and the date shows as being due two weeks from now.
  • Marking it as completed at this point shows it as being due four weeks from now. 
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Hi Davidh219,

Sounds annoying. I would recommend the following -

1. Raise it on uservoice with prefix of Bug:

2. You should be able to raise the issue through your mobile app. On IOS it is through Support > Contact is. Imagine there is something similar with Android

3. Raise on Twitter pointing at the uservoice and include @MicrosoftToDo

4. Microsoft do look at this from time to time and other community members may have contacts. If you here of a To Do AMA session then get to that as these involve the product and engineering teams.

Hope that helps and I answered your question. If I have, please like and set as the solution. Anything else you need please let me know. Thanks for raising it again.

Best, Chris