Date & Time Stamp Microsoft To Do Notes on Task

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It would be really useful if there was a keyboard shortcut for entering a date and time stamp in a task within Microsoft To Do.  @marcusash 

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@Gem11 use Autohotkey. 

Hi, can you please explain how to use autohotkey to date and time stamp on Microsoft To Do tasks.
did you find out how to do this?

@lathomason  I use the following script:


;CMD Short Date and Time


FormatTime, Shorttime, YYYYMMDDHH24MISS, yyy.MM.dd HH:mm

Send, %Shorttime%



when I type qqdt, I get 2020.08.31 12:14


You can edit the date and time format to suit your preferences. I like it in a way that is easy to sort alphabetically when naming files. 


@GG2020- Hi that's great - any way you can explain that in non IT terms. I have never added a script before - please could you help? 



  1. Install AutoHotKey.
  2. Load MyScript.ahk that is included with it (by double clicking). Unless it's already loaded (you should have a green icon with an "H" in your notification tray)
  3. Copy the script from my reply
  4. Right-click on the green "H" icon in your tray and select "Edit this script". It will open MyScript.ahk in Notepad.
  5. Paste the script to the bottom of the file and save.
  6. Right-click on the green "H" icon again and select "Reload this script".
  7. Try typing "qqdt" followed by space in Notepad (or any other app) & see if it works. 
  8. Add a shortcut to "MyScript.ahk" to StartUp.