Create a ToDo option from a Team chat has disappeared

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When you click the ellipsis on a chat we're no longer presented with the option to create a task in ToDo, as this was a GA rollout I don't know what we could have changed to restrict this option.
Any help gratefully received.

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Hi Gandalf90210
Did you get any advice/reply/information on this? The option has disappeared for me/us as well, without a replacement as far as I can see.

@rainmountain Unfortunately not, as usual I was met with a wall of silence :( - I'm assuming Microsoft decided that functionality was no longer required and just removed it.

Update: the option is back! At least in the applications I use (Windows 10 Enterprise Client, Browser and iOS phone and iPad).

@rainmountain Yes I've checked it again and it's reappeared, thanks for the nudge :)