Create a 'My week' just like 'My day'

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There is an other request ( to create 'My Tomorrow' section, but for me it would be more useful to create a plan for the week and generate the 'My day' content from there.

The 'My week' would include elements that I want complete or focus during the workweek. 'My week' could be the name, but it is more like a container that can gather elements from multiple lists to show what is my current focus for a longer period than 1 day.

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This could be achieved by simply letting us sort the list of all our to-dos by the combination of Date, then Priority, then Alphabetical — like we can in Outlook Desktop. A filter by Category would be a bonus.

Hi @jkdean. Adding more organization capabilities is a good thing, but this request is different. I just would like to have a tool that allows me to create ad-hoc planning for longer than a day. Ordering based on different properties is a good thing, but I see that as solution to a different problem.


There is 7 requests for this feature, all have the same requirement, all quite old, all just a slightly different way of asking for it. But same subject / feature at the bottom of it.

If Microsoft combined these into one - the number of views, likes and replies would add up to a very high number of votes.


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These are all requests from people who are struggling to be able to forward plan with To-Do & Planner software system