Copied To-Do items not syncing to desktop app

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This morning I noticed that To-Do items duplicated using the "Copy to" function in the web version of MS To Do are not syncing with the desktop version of the app.

I suspected this might be due to a need to update my desktop app to minimum v2.49 as mentioned via an alert linking to this notice, so I contacted my workplace's IT team for assistance with updating my work PC. The version wouldn't update initially, so they deleted the To Do app entirely and re-installed it. I now have v2.52, but the lack of syncing for copied items is still happening. I have a number of template lists for regular processes which I usually copy as needed, so I don't have to re-type every step on the list each time. I had hoped the "Copy to" function would be included in the desktop app by this point (I used it as a previous Wunderlist user), but the lack of syncing is a real set-back in terms of utility for me. 

Could you please confirm if this is a known issue, and when it will be fixed? Thank you.


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