Compact Printing Toggle (margins, font size, spacing, shrinking number of pages) - So many trees!

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Printing lists create way too many pages. Would be great if we could have a Shrink or Compact Toggle after clicking Print. (Perhaps the ability to modify font size, margins, and line spacing to dramatically shrink a long list.) When I print (in Windows App) it has huge spacing between tasks, large margins, and the font size is big. So much white space. This can easily be 100 pages. If I copied these into a bullet list in Word or Excel, for example, I could format the text: Arial Narrow, font size 6, no line spacing, and minimal margins. This would radically shrink the lists. Sometimes printing it out is good for marking it up, or folding in quarters to put in a pocket. [One workaround, is using your printer settings to print 4-in-1 pages and duplex. However, it could still be many times smaller with some modification.] / NB: I imagine custom fonts/sizes/margins is asking way too much and might clutter up options and make the app less clean. So all I would ask is after clicking Print, you have a little toggle switch that says Compact (on/off). And you would have a predetermined alternate format (which would NOT have all this spacing, and would shrink the font size. Basically, regular print, and Tree-Saving-Print?) Essentially, you already have a per-determined format, which is what is forced to print when I click Print. And that format sucks! I counted. If I print only the tasks, I get only 14 tasks per page! If I print a task with steps, it will print the task and 18 steps. With the same default font, in word, I managed 59 lines, just with removing the white space. Why do you hate trees?

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I totally agree. I have a list of only 50 Items and it wants to print 6 pages!!!
Can't be that difficult to make the list more compact