Cannot create a personal task from within a chat message or channel message

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Hi all

This article says i can create a personal To-Do task from a chat message in teams.

This Microsoft Article says similar  (see attached image)

But I cannot create a task for myself that is outside of a Team or channel because the Tasks option is not available in the drop-down box. 

I am a Teams and M365 admin. I have the appropriate apps turned on in my M365 profile. Tasks is installed and i can open it from within Teams. From within Teams I can review the tasks that are "assigned to me".



I want to make a reminder task to myself to do something tomorrow based on a chat message from my team leader. I press the ... More actions > Create Task


In the resulting window the first option is to "Create In" but the drop down window only shows me the Teams i am a part of (and only the first 8 teams - there is no scroll option) .  Nowhere in the "create in" drop-down box does it show to create it in TASKS as is seen from the articles i mentioned above. 




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