BUG: when switching workstations ToDo login is not possible as the login popup disappears

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I'm clueless about this issue: 


Domain User with roaming profile XYZ needs to login on another workstation or gets a new workstation. (If the user gets back to his workstation where he logged in "firsttime" it is working without problems).


The first thing is to download ToDo from Microsoft Store. The installation is successful but the login is not possible. Please watch the attached GIF as it displays perfectly what's happening.. When clicking once nothing happens. When clicking multiple times there is a disappearing pop up for a short blink.

todo errortodo error


The Workstations are up-to-date with Windows 10 Pro 20H2 (19042.1415) and To Do Version 2.60.43512.0


I tried to fresh install workstations without additional Software and login different accounts. Every Domain Account has the same issue on different Workstations with different Windows 10 Pro versions.


The only painful workaround I found was to delete the profile on the Workstation, delete the roaming profile from our DFS-Share. So that the User has a "freshly" unused Windows Profile. But if the user has to switch an workstation again or gets a new workstation I'm always coming back to this issue where nothing helps like the mentioned workaround.


Please help me to get this problem resolved!


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Looks like you accidentally posted this twice - I've removed the duplicate. Hope you're able to get an answer to your question!