Azure MFA language choice using the NPS extension

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We are using a home working solution that is dependent on RADIUS to do second factor authentication. It cannot directly communicate with AzureMFA. We created an NPS farm and installed the AzureMFA NPS extension and that is working, but....


As we are based in the Netherlands, we expect that phone calls and authenticator messages, are in Dutch. But all messages and phonecalls appear to be in English!


Till now we are using the on-prem MFA Server which is able to alter the app language, and also make use of AzureMFA. So there is a possibility in the call to Azure to alter the language using on-prem, but we need to migrate to AzureMFA.


In the NPS extension configuration, or RADIUS call, it seems that there is no option to set the language of the call's or app. 


Please implement this so that it is possible to set the default language for all MFA methods when using NPS. Maybe through a RADIUS attribute, or in the extension config.




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Hi, we are having a similiar problem and would also like to change the language. In our case it's german.

Thank you!



I have the same issue, but for French language.

some updates please ?