Automatically "skip to current task" (as a recurrence property)

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Recurring tasks should have a property where user can ask to automatically "skip to current task" instead of doing it manually, and it should be the default behavior.



I have a few recurring tasks on my to-do list, such as:

  1. Check for errors in my application DB every morning.
  2. Take medicine daily.
  3. Review Jira tasks every 3 weeks.

It's evident that if I miss checking errors over the weekend or forget to take my daily medicine, I won't perform these tasks multiple times on the same day. Similarly, if I miss the 3-week mark for reviewing Jira tasks, I won't do it twice in one day.

Today, and on several occasions before, I opened the "My Day" list only to find it empty. This didn't make sense because I knew I needed to take my medicine. I went to the "Suggestions" pane and manually clicked "Skip to current task" for each recurring task. It was then that I noticed the task of "checking DB" was also missing from the "My Day" list, and I skipped it as well.

There are two issues here:

  1. Why do I have to notice that something is missing from my day? Isn't that what the app is for?
  2. Why should I remember which tasks require me to press the skip button and which ones don't?

My suggestion is that any recurring task should have a property allowing the user to choose whether missing an occurrence should be automatically skipped or not.

Moreover, I cannot think of any example where I wouldn't want it to skip automatically (but I assume there are some), so my suggestion is that, by default, this option should be checked.

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