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Need the ability to archive lists. I use them like projects, which eventually need to be closed. Need the ability to archive these project lists, so navigation is easier and I don't lose record of previous work. Thanks. 

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Hi @jalton,


I’m using Microsoft to do to manage some projects as well. You can create a group and call it “Archive” and move lists to it. That is just a work around until the feature is added. 

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Hello Jalton,

I was actually googling how to do this very same thing. I was wondering if there's any updates on this? Is archiving a feature now?

Many thanks!

You can add a new view that filters in/out items in the list using a status column

For those wondering how to do this in Windows:

This blog post does NOT help. It is un-informative on HOW to make the group.

There's a button (not labeled) next to New list at the bottom left corner of the Desktop UI. It appears in the blog post but is never highlighted as something that is needed to be interacted with to start off this whole process