Almost there with Wunderlist-like add to top-of-list preference option

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Good progress on this matter, thanks — good work!

Now there's a preference setting to place new items to the Top Of List by default, if desired. The user can also drive items to the top of the list by starring them, then choosing to Sort By Importance.

However, there's still an opportunity for improvement: dragging an item from one list to another is still placing the new/dragged item at the bottom of the list which doesn't follow that preference setting to add items to the To Of List. 

Almost there!

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@bradleyks Now if they would just do the same for the Tasks within an item. And put completed tasks automatically at the bottom. This is standard in Wunderlist.

But what about scrolling and add to top for Steps too?  we can't use MS To Do if this is not fixed.