All non-recurring tasks and lists disappeared


I logged into To Do yesterday (desktop, Windows) and everything was fine. I marked one recurring task off my list and all my non-recurring tasks, lists and flagged emails disappeared. All my overdue tasks are gone. The only thing that was left was my recurring tasks and one non-recurring task I had on my list specifically for yesterday. This is across both the desktop version and browser version. I am lost without my lists. Any ideas why these would have just disappeared? It is really disheartening. Thanks.

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I guess nobody else is having this problem and nobody on the MS team can help?



All of my lists disappeared this morning. I have multiple lists and need them for work, appointments, etc.

I can't seem to find a fix.  I contacted Microsoft through their help form but no response yet.

I will probably have to find a better app if this one is this unreliable.