All non-recurring tasks and lists disappeared

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I logged into To Do yesterday (desktop, Windows) and everything was fine. I marked one recurring task off my list and all my non-recurring tasks, lists and flagged emails disappeared. All my overdue tasks are gone. The only thing that was left was my recurring tasks and one non-recurring task I had on my list specifically for yesterday. This is across both the desktop version and browser version. I am lost without my lists. Any ideas why these would have just disappeared? It is really disheartening. Thanks.

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I guess nobody else is having this problem and nobody on the MS team can help?



All of my lists disappeared this morning. I have multiple lists and need them for work, appointments, etc.

I can't seem to find a fix.  I contacted Microsoft through their help form but no response yet.

I will probably have to find a better app if this one is this unreliable.

@AndiRobinson Mine have all disappeared in the last week. I can see them in the completed tasks and it indicates they are recurring, but they aren't on the calendar and crossed out like before or on future dates. This is why I should stick with paper. UGH!