After sharing a list, newly added tasks are not visible to other users

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Hey there,


I'm facing a strange issue with the app. When I create and share a list with someone, they can see all the pre-existing items in the list. If they add an item, I (the owner) can see it. However, if I (the owner) add a new item to the list, they can't see it. The only way to make that item visible to them is to leave the list, and re-join the list.


How to reproduce the bug:

1. User A creates a list and add a test item to it, and share it with user B.

3. User B can see the test item.

4. User A adds a new item to the list. Now, user B cannot see this newly added item.

Is this by design or is it a bug? If that's by design, what is the philosophy behind it? How users are supposed to add new tasks to the shared list?

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@mispronounced I have the same issue, were you able to find any solutions regarding this ?