Adding the character "ẞ" (Unicode U+1E9E) to all Windows Fonts

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I noticed the german character "ẞ" is missing from many of the Windows Fonts.

It is the capital version of the more common "ß".


The capital version "ẞ" (Unicode U+1E9E) was added to Unicode in 2008 already.


But Many Windows Fonts still don't have it included natively! 

For Example: I have a Text in the Font "Leelawadee UI". When I enter a "ẞ" it seems like its always displayed in Arial instead. This makes it unusable if you care about consitency.


So my request is: please add this charakter to all windows fonts, so that the look of it aligns with the other characters of that font.

It would be even better, if you could start with Leelawadee UI.


Kind regards

Nicolas Blume

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