Adding tasks from shared lists to My Day adds to everyone's My Day

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Long time user of To Do, however our team recently started using shared lists to track workload across the team. Shortly after doing so, we discovered anytime someone adds a task to their My Day, it adds it to everyone's My Day list - even if the appointment is assigned to someone else.


This completely kills the usefulness of "My Day" since it's now behaving more like "The Teams Day" and clutters the list with tasks most dont care about. It's definitely a dealbreaker to using shared lists if this is the intended behavior.


Any chance someone has found a way to prevent this from happening?

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Ran into the same probleme here, absolutly killing the idea of "My Day" (which is great, btw)

@timofcourse I have the exact same issue. Hope they will solve it in the future. Can't see how I can use it this way.