Add an "ASAP" due date that shows at the top of Planned

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The "Planned" section of Microsoft To Do is very useful for planning my day:


However, sometimes I have tasks that aren't due on any particular day, but I would nevertheless like to have done as soon as I have spare time for them.

Currently my workaround is to set their due date to "Today", and if I didn't do them today, manually update their due date to "Today" again the next day.

This is not ideal, so I propose a new special due date of "ASAP" which shows at the top of the "Planned" list no matter what day it is. (Caveat: I think tasks due ASAP should still show below tasks that are past their due dates - so in between overdue and "Today".)

I'm of two minds as to whether they should contribute to the count shown on the taskbar: 


but I'm leaning towards the side of yes, they should, since for all intents and purposes they should act as an automatic version of the manual workaround I've already been doing.

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@AbyxDev This sounds like a classic GTD next action. Using tags might help (e.g. #ASAP or #nextaction). Ideally, I would love to see proper, user configurable smart lists (i.e. views that are configured as queries). This is a powerful feature of Todoist and many competitor products. That, and some sort of ability to add notes to lists (e.g. info about the project/list), and To Do would be perfect for me. 

I've added a few more tags which I hope address your suggestion. Thanks for the reply!