A combined my day for multiple accounts

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There might have been other posts suggesting this feature but couldn't find them.


Which makes me think, may be there is a way to see the tasks from multiple accounts (my personal and my company) in a single My day page. For example I would love to see the flagged emails from both accounts. For now I have move back and forth between accounts to see two different My Day pages composed of flagged mail, planned, task etc. 


Thanks a lot in advance for any guidance. 

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I found a way through a shared list. My company does not allow me to invite somebody outside of the company but I was able to create a shared list from my personal and invite my company account. Still I believe there could have been a more elegant way combine two accounts of the same person in a single My Day.


Hi Uyener,

I found a workaround to fulfil this requirement. You can try following steps to set up a chain of actions in you outlook client:
1. In your work email account, set up a 'quick step' called 'forward follow up' with actions 'forward' your email to your personal account and request 'flag for recipients';
2. In your personal email account, set up an email rule with criteria as below screentshot



3. make sure your personal account does not put your work account email to junk box.
This chain of actions can work.

This would be an incredible feature!! The whole point of planning your entire day is to have a full list of everything you need to get done that day, including personal errands you have to run between work commitments, during lunch hour and after work. It would be so helpful if you could just look at one list and not have to switch between multiple accounts to remember what you have to do and in what order.
I'd like to be able to flag emails from multiple accounts and have them show up in my single to do list. Your suggestion would handle that which would be great.
Hi Angus13892,

This is a nice way of combining the flagged emails in both accounts. Yet my situation was a little more complicated. Other than flagged emails from both accounts, I create my business tasks in my business account as well as many other business related tasks that come from others, (calendar tasks, Planner, Jira etc.) It would be hard to forward them all to my personal account.

As I stated, my workaround practically works for me. I combine everything in my business account. I created a shared list in my personal account on which I move all related personal tasks and flagged email and hence can see them in my business account. There, I even created shared lists with my wife for shopping etc. :) but they are all visible in different lists in my business Todo.

Other than all being visible to my company admins, for the time being it works fine. Still the best would be to be able to create a single list without having to switch between accounts.
I’m not sure that you will not breach security code of the company you’re working in. There in mails could be a lot of sensitive information that is considered by company only for internal use.
Hi there,
I'm in a crazy situation, our organisation has just migrated across, god knows what that means as i now have 2 email accounts but i can only use Outlook desk top with 1
But i can access both on Outlook web app.

So i now have had to redo a load of tasks in the new account Microsoft To Do because i can't go by tasks or flags that are on my original company email in To Do. Frustrating as hell.
But because i can't access the new account on outlook desktop (no idea why noy) i'm resigned to the fact that i can't manage my Tasks and follow ups in To Do from my work email
But i think this will only work if all email accounts are accessable on outlook desktop
Unfortunately sharing a list doesn't seem to work. I tried inviting my work account into my personal shared list, but it said you can only share either between personal accounts, or between work accounts in the same company.