Turn off "plan your day reminders"?

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I've recently started getting a notification every morning on my phone and tablet. I looked in settings and turned off "Plan your day reminders".


Every time I turn this off it turns back on a couple days later. So I'm stuck with an annoying notification I have no need for.


How can I make this setting persistent?

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I have noticed the same problem recently.

You can set the reminder to only one day a week but turning it off is not working for me either.

Super annoying!
Same here!
I turn it off, exit settings, re enter settings and it's on again.....
Super super annoying.
Same here! I've resorted to setting the reminder for only one day in the week, but I would rather have Microsoft fix this bug.
Same here, keeps turning on every day.

So annoying I'm uninstalling the ToDo app.

@domhro seems to "one day a week" is not working anymore. I now still get the reminder every day... :(


I really like the ToDo app as it syncs nicely with Outlook but this is getting really annoying!

I don't want to silence the remiders either as then I miss any I have actually set a reminder for... sigh...

@ThomasGW I submitted a ticket to the "To Do" team and this was the response:
"We are glad to let you know that we have fixed the Plan your day reminder bug in version 2.35. Would you please first sign in to Microsoft To-Do online first (https://to-do.microsoft.com) and ensure that your data's syncing correctly there. Then, uninstall the To-Do app, restart your phone then install it back.

After that, open the To-Do app- Tap on the Profile photo on the top left- Settings Notifications- Plan your day reminders - Turn off the notification again. Then, force quit the app and launch it again. Check and let me know if the issue persists."

So far it appears to be fixed after I performed the above.