Scheduled daily tasks.

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Hello all,
ok, I have 2 daily tasks that are set to run every day. One at 4:05am and one at 11:00pm. Now the problem is, that they are being marked as complete well before the reminder times. This is being done without any interaction on my part. I open Microsoft To-Do List only to find that the task has already been marked as complete. Why are tasks being marked as complete well before their scheduled times?

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To clarify, are you saying that the tasks are ticked off as finished, but not by you?
Yes, exactly.....

Here are 2 screenshots from my phone taken a couple of hours ago..... 
One shows missing tasks with a task that should be for tomorrow morning, but it is listed for Thursday...  The first one is supposed to come on at 4:05am...

 @Polly Davidson To Do.jpg


This next one shows the tasks as being completed and they were not ticked by me, they are being ticked on thier own.......  This next one is supposed to come on at 11:00pm

To Do 2.jpg


and there is my problem.... Why is this happening...



Can you let me know which OS and device you're on and I'll pass it on to the team.

Here is a screenshot of my phone.  Let me know if you need more info.....Motorola g6.jpg




@Polly Davidson 

What has every happened to this.. I'm still having the same problem..... ?

@Polly Davidson Still having this problem..

Sorry for the delay. Would you be able to get in contact in-app (Settings>Support>Contact Us) so that we can take a closer look at this.
Sure can..
ok I've started a new conversation in-app with your name @Polly Davidson in the text...

Still waiting...